Millions of people around the world struggle with maintaining a healthy body weight and engage in countless diets and exercise routines only to fall short again and again. Without addressing the root cause of unhealthy habits, many experience the back and forth effect of weight gain and weight loss without being able to maintain an ideal weight.

Clinical nutritionist, holistic practitioner, and author Carly Pollack, dives deep to the source of lasting health in her new book Feed Your Soul: Nutritional Wisdom to Lose Weight Permanently and Live Fulfilled. By illustrating how our mind works and what our body truly needs to be healthy, Carly provides valuable information and tools to provide a shift in perspective resulting in lasting health. When we delve into the core of our beliefs, our inner state, we are able to create a new foundation of understanding that allows each of us to succeed in both inner and outer health.

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A former actress, model and TV host, Maria Felipe's life changed when she began to study a book called A Course in Miracles (ACIM). ACIM defines a miracle as a "shift in perception" allowing us to see that the problem is not "out there" but in our mind. This shift in perception changed Maria's life so much that she obtained her ministerial certificate and is now Reverend Maria Felipe author of Live Your Happy.

By ridding ourselves of fear and the cuckoo voice of the ego, embracing forgiveness, gratitude, mindfulness, and shifting our perception, we can live our happy. This book is a great in-depth roadmap to guide you on your journey to happy!

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How would you describe something that you have never seen before? What words would you choose to convey another realm of existence completely foreign to those around you? These are the questions author Lisa Smartt delves into in her new book Words at the Threshold: What We Say as We’re Nearing Death.

"The last thing Steve Jobs said before he died was, 'Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow!' Thomas Jefferson’s final words were, 'It’s very beautiful over there,' and they are not alone in that people all over the world speak final words that are beautiful, mysterious, and sometimes more than a little confusing every day," says Smartt. The common theme from all of these statements seem to imply that death is indeed not the end but just a transition from one reality to another.

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