spiritual religious travel destinations guide colorado

Is it possible to be grounded while globetrotting? Some may believe peaceful travel is an oxymoron, but the truth is that Colorado offers a multitude of unhurried spiritual and religious travel destinations. Sightseeing becomes elevated through divine explorations.

frequencyRiser wants to know where you will travel in Colorado? Undecided? This healthy list is helpful when planning trips in Colorado, especially for those who are seeking metaphysical or divine experiences.

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6 Mindful Activities for Kids

Practicing mindfulness powerfully improves quality of life for both adults and children. Kids who practice mindful activities reap benefits like:

  • enhanced focus
  • improved mental and physical health
  • improved social skills
  • reduced impact of bullying
  • access to relaxation

Mindfulness is fun for kids when they're playing! Try out these 6 mindfulness activities for kids.

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Yogi's Set Sankalpa for actually authentic new years resolutions in 2018

Sankalpa - an ancient Sanskrit word - means intention, purpose, commitment. Sankalpa are set before yoga practice, and are connected with while in the flow. Like New Year’s resolutions, sankalpa are about positive change that brings out the best in you for a happier life. However, there is one striking way in which sankalpa are different from New Year’s resolutions.

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Webster's defines "conscious" as: (1) awake and able to understand what is happening around you (2) done or acting with critical awareness. "Conscious Lifestyle" is being aware of every facet of your lifestyle and making choices that result in benefits for society and the world around you. By gaining knowledge of ways to grow or evolve through education (mind), health (body) and spirit (soul), we provide ourselves with the opportunity to grow and provide conditions to evolve or better the environment and others around us. Through mindfulness, health, and expansion of consciousness, we broaden our awareness to help others, improve ourselves and make positive contributions to our community.
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