The ever-present, unbounded sacred space of your nature is beyond distinctions of beauty or ugliness, pain or pleasure. Just as fear can drive you away from connection with your essential nature, beauty, too, can pull you away from it. And just as fear can lead you back to your essential nature, so can beauty. 

Tenzin Wangyal RinpocheNormally when we have pain, we experience that we are the pain: I am hurting. But when you identify with the space, light, and warmth of the inner refuge, then even when blockages and pain are present, you recognize that you are fundamentally pure. In the midst of pain, remember that you always have the choice to connect to stillness, silence, and spaciousness, and rest in the inner refuge. As you rest there, open awareness can clear disturbing thoughts and emotions as well as soothe physical pain. 

How much is your life guided by light and awareness, and how much is it driven by reactivity and denial? The inner refuge is your unfailing support in any moment. Let it be your best friend.

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Yogi's Set Sankalpa for actually authentic new years resolutions in 2018

Sankalpa - an ancient Sanskrit word - means intention, purpose, commitment. Sankalpa are set before yoga practice, and are connected with while in the flow. Like New Year’s resolutions, sankalpa are about positive change that brings out the best in you for a happier life. However, there is one striking way in which sankalpa are different from New Year’s resolutions.

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