best magic carpet yoga mat

Colorful yoga designs bring yoga mats to life! We love the art deco influence on an artist-designed magic rug yoga mat. Bewitching colors transform from bold, stand-out reds to deep, flowing purples and blues.

Hop on the Magic Carpet Yoga Mat to explore your yoga practice farther than ever before.

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Not sure where to find the best yoga class deals for Black Friday weekend?

We found the best yoga class discounts and bargains available local to Denver, Colorado, so you don’t have to.

Use this list to easily compare local deals in one place and discover 10 of the Best Yoga Class Deals that will Energize Black Friday!

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Feeling fed up with a worn out yoga mat?

Maybe you’ve tried (and ditched) several yoga mats already. When yoga mat woes have you down, it’s time to replace a flimsy mat with one that is expertly crafted.

We took our favorite Yoga Mats for the Devoted collection and revealed the truth about what makes these yoga mats truly the best of 2017.

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