Feeling fed up with a worn out yoga mat?

Maybe you’ve tried (and ditched) several yoga mats already. When yoga mat woes have you down, it’s time to replace a flimsy mat with one that is expertly crafted.

We took our favorite Yoga Mats for the Devoted collection and revealed the truth about what makes these yoga mats truly the best of 2017.

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    Yama and Niyama, if practiced truthfully and fully, become mahavrata or great commitments that transcend time, space, and situations. Further, the entire environment around the person becomes charged with these virtues and hostility is not seen in his/her presence. In the recent past, we have many examples of people who practiced satya and ahimsa and this fact (absence of hostility) was observed in their vicinity. Thus, there is immediate outcome of Yama and Niyama practices.

    However, the ultimate goal of practicing yoga is to achieve transcendence and to break this cyclic existence. Dharana, dhyana, and samadhi are the three states that prepare one toward this transcendental goal. These three together is called Samyama (sam meaning total and yama meaning to control). “So Samyama means complete mastery over the psychic process or complete control of mental concentration.”
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    Yoga has traditionally been seen as a path to heightened consciousness and mindfulness, though this aspect is increasingly less emphasized in the West. The practice facilitates a profound awareness of how body, mind, and spirit are linked and how each individual is connected to all life on the planet.

    In a world dominated by nonstop activity and the proliferation of high-tech devices, yoga is one of the few popular endeavors that require only a sticky mat and a commitment to practice. No technology is needed.

    As a yoga practitioner, you know that yoga practice is sometimes the only time of day when someone truly unplugs, enters a state of calm, moves their body, and simply breathes. As a yoga teacher, you have the honor and privilege of guiding people through that process — a process that is sometimes delightful and often challenging, but always rewarding.

    Teaching yoga is often thought of as a lifestyle business. This means that you have chosen a pastime that is central to your own lifestyle and are taking the chance that you can create a career, or supplement other income, by devoting yourself to it.

    We are called to teach because we love any excuse to get on our yoga mats, cherish watching our students develop, and likely have a pronounced aversion to cubicle life, endless meetings, and uncomfortable shoes!

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