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Hemi-Sync® Angels, Fairies, and Wizards

A Magical Healing for Children CD

In this enchanting story for young children, the Guardian Angel introduces the Fairy Ikier (for girls) and the Wizard Ikier (for boys) who can teach them how to participate in their own healing process.

How it works: Hemi-Sync® Angels, Fairies, and Wizards

Using guided imagery, children can learn how to work with color, breath, positive affirmations, love, laughter and energy to promote healing and better health.

The addition of music and special Hemi-Sync® frequencies assist in creating a state of profound relaxation and transition into sleep deep restorative sleep.

Developed by Carmen Montoto, who has worked with children and special needs children utilizing the Hemi-Sync technology for learning and healing.

Recommended for ages 2–10, with separate CDs for girls or boys.

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