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Resilience - Book Review

November 14, 2018

As we all know, life is not always smooth sailing. While we can't control the waves of life, we can learn how to surf the waves. In Linda Graham's newest book, Resilience: Powerful Practices for Bouncing Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, and Even Disaster, we are offered not only guidance and understanding but over 100 exercises to help us successfully navigate and surf the often turbulent waves of life.

Linda Graham, MFT, is a licensed therapist, author and teacher who integrates neuroscience, mindfulness and relational psychology to bring us valuable tools to build a resilient life. By training us and our brains, Graham states that she can help us learn to "respond skillfully to the most common and the most challenging external stressors."

Modern neuroscience is shedding new light on ability of the brain to grow new neurons and create new neural circuitry throughout our lives. No matter what age, our brains have the capability to rewire old habits, behaviors, and responses to be more resilient and shift perspective to life challenging events.

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Yoga and Expansion of Consciousness

November 11, 2018


What is yoga? The classical texts define yoga as a process of channelling the forces or expressions of the mind. How? By following a discipline. What is the aim of discipline? To establish yourself in your real nature. These are the first three statements in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, and are the foundation of yoga practice and philosophy. If yoga was only physical exercises, these statements would reflect that physical component. But they do not. If yoga was a religion, these introductory statements would reflect that religious inclination. But they do not; rather, in the yogic tradition yoga has to be seen as a discipline, a lifestyle and a science of practical living.

In order to create a system, a progressive practice, and to immerse oneself in yogic disciplines, there is a very beautiful sequence. Yoga begins with the body, goes to the mind and aims to realize the inner nature. The question can arise: If yoga deals with the mind, why does it begin with the body? Yoga looks at the well-being of the total personality, of the body, mind and spirit. Body, mind and spirit have to come together so that we can become a complete human being and experience the wholeness of life.

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