Learning Series

Our Learning Series includes brainwave CDs for improved concentration and enhanced learning.

This series was developed to help you improve your potential for learning. The Hemi-Sync® sound patterns on these recordings help you achieve and sustain synchronize brain-wave activity in both hemispheres of the brain - an optimal condition for improving human performance. Focused attention, a prerequisite to effective learning is greatly facilitated by the Hemi-Sync® process.

Geared to facilitate the learning process, titles included in this series were specifically chosen to create whole brain learning, focused attention, improved memory, concentration, relaxation and the perfect sleep; important elements to enhance cognitive functions. All selections are designed to promote success and assist all involved in the learning process: professionals, teachers, parents, and students of all ages. 

Research on Hemi-Sync has reported that teachers who have used it in their classrooms noticed a decrease in student distractibility and an increase in academic performance. A study conducted at a government training center found a 75% increase on mental-motor skills and the U.S. Army reported positive results in using Hemi-Sync to improve acquisition of a second language.