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Beginner Yoga Gear Set with Yoga Gym Bag

The frequencyRiser Beginner Yoga Gear Set with Yoga Gym Bag includes all the basic yoga supplies you need to get started on a great yoga workout routine.

You're new to yoga and interested in improving your practice, but don't have all the basic supplies. This beginner's pack includes the beginner yogi's essentials supplies: a sizable yoga gym bag, cushy yoga mat, supportive foam blocks, and yoga straps to aid flexibility.

What's inside the Beginner Yoga Gear Set with Yoga Gym Bag?

  1. 68" long x 24" wide x 1/8" thick yoga mat - Purple
  2. 4" foam yoga blocks - Purple
  3. 6' yoga strap with plastic cinch buckle - Purple
  4. Yoga Gym Bag - Black

How to use the Beginner Yoga Gear Set with Yoga Gym Bag

Extra Thick Mat

Beginner yogis may experience discomfort in certain poses. Avoid discomfort with this extra-thick yoga mat. It's ideal for providing soft and safe support. Try using this mat for other workouts like pilates. 

Yoga Blocks

With regular practice, yogis notice improved flexibility. Yoga blocks help beginners find proper alignment when feeling stiff. Over time, yoga blocks will provide support as the body relaxes and becomes more flexible.

Yoga Straps

Similar to yoga blocks, yoga straps help with flexibility. Use them to ease into deep stretches in the shoulders, arms, legs and toes. 

Yoga Gym Bag

All items in this set fit conveniently in the yoga gym bag. This zippered carry bag slings with mesh for breathability, zippered outside pocket for cell phone or keys & large size to fit mat, blocks and strap.