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In spite of human prejudice to the contrary, there is but one religion and one truth, and all the great faiths of the world are parts or fragments of the Ancient Wisdom. The Scriptures of the world are the written records devised both to preserve and at the same time to conceal the mystery of Eternal Law. It naturally follows that there is certain interdependence between religious writings. To understand any one sacred book completely it is necessary to also understand all other sacred books. The Christian Bible is the greatest book in English literature. But like most other great books, it must be approached with understanding, gentleness, and a sincere desire to find truth. The Bible as we know it today is a fragment of that truth. How to Understand Your Bible goes a long way to explaining myth and history, spiritual and religious, fact and fiction, and is a must for truth seekers everywhere.

"The whole motion of the Universe is toward Truth. Truth is growing up in everything, manifesting through all forms and natures. Truth, therefore, may be called the hidden good, the secret God who dwells in the temples that are built for it according to the law." Manly P. Hall

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• Author: Manly P. Hall

• Binding: Hardcover, 176 pages

• Publisher: White Crow Books

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