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The Jade Harmony 74" Professional Yoga mat is eco-friendly and sustainably constructed from renewable natural rubber trees. The Harmony Professional yoga mat is just 3/16" thick but has the same cushion as the 1/4" thick PVC mat. This eco-friendly yoga mat also offers stability for your practice and the extra length provides room to stretch and reach during difficult poses.

The Harmony Natural Rubber Yoga Mat is made of open cell, natural dry rubber that is used where safety demands a non-slip performance. This mat takes advantage of the non-slip properties of the natural rubber resulting in the best slip-resistant mat on the market. Even when damp from perspiration the traction offers unequaled non-slip performance. The mat has sturdy mesh in its interior which provides stability and makes it tear-resistance.

Made in the USA by Jade Yoga, the Harmony natural rubber yoga mat will last for years when maintained properly. Keep your mat out of the sun to ensure a long life. Natural rubber is photodegradable which means that UV rays will damage the mat, so don’t leave in the back seat of your car or by a window. Excessive heat may also affect the composition of this mat, so please be cautious when leaving in the trunk of your car on hot summer days.

The natural rubber, a renewable resource, is sustainably harvested from well cared for rubber trees. The mats do not include the latex component from the tree or any ozone depleting substances. These qualities make this the perfect mat for yoga practitioners concerned about the environment. Jade Yoga, through its partnership with Trees for the Future, will plant a tree in the rainforest when you purchase this mat.

Product Features:
• Mat measures 74"L x 24"W x 3/16" Thick
• Made of natural rubber
• Superior grip
• Sustainable, renewable resource, environmentally friendly
• Contains no PVC or synthetic rubber
• Caution: Photodegradable, may contain latex
• Made in the USA by Jade Yoga

Hand wash with cold water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly and hang or lay flat and allow to dry completely. Avoid exposure to direct and indirect sunlight and to excessive heat.

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