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The movie, The Secret, created quite a buzz about manifesting but failed to explain how to really go about doing this. Conscious manifestation is not as simple as thinking about whatever you want and it will come true. The manifestation process involves all parts of us—as well as energies outside of us—and is most effective and rewarding when we have an open heart and a greater understanding of the process.

Using his expertise in manifestation, Joe Gallenberger, Ph.D., has created verbally guided exercises, combined with special Hemi-Sync® frequencies, to expand your awareness and energy to assist you in creating new or enhanced patterns that you may desire. Greatly enhance your ability to manifest positive elements in your life. Features two verbally guided exercises.

 Another title by Dr. Joe Gallenberger is Partners Meditation.

Check out Dr. Gallenberger's new book, Inner Vegas: Creating Miracles, Abundance, and Health, a wild ride into the world of psychokinesis (PK) where mind energized by the heart influences matter. Inner Vegas will surprise you as it reveals what is possible when we apply intention and heart-centered energy to mold reality to our desires.