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The Padmani Lotus Meditation Cushion design brings fun into functional. The support is outstanding, and alignment of the spine is achieved with ease. The versatility of the pillow makes it especially useful for longer meditations and yoga classes.

The “Half Lotus” Padmani Lotus Pillow is 16 inches across (tip to tip) and 7 inches high.  The benefit of our smallest design is the portability.  Diversity of use makes this size the perfect pillow to bring with you everywhere.  This pillow helps you maintain proper posture during longer meditations and provides adequate support due to the organic buckwheat hull stuffing.  This size is the perfect addition to your lounge areas of the home and bedroom.  Zipper opening allows for ease of personalizing the amount of stuffing.  Matching carry handle attached.

Water Tones: Our most uplifting pillow tone, water tones calm the mind and nerves, and enhance the sacred feelings of spirituality. Water tones encourage imagination and creativity. The essence of these tones is of open spaces, freedom, intuition and expansiveness. 

We personally use Padmani Meditation Cushions and in addition to function, beauty, longevity and comfort, Padmani infuses each cushion with Love...literally. Check out the how the cushions are made below:

The Padmani Lotus Cushion is a product imbued with love and the energetic sound current of mantra. Each pillow is made while chanting and retains the gratitude the artist has for you, the owner of the pillow. These creations are inspiring to make because we know you will love your pillow as much as we love ours.

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