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Experience the transcendent peace of sacred space with this powerful meditation by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.

Learn to connect with the sacred space that is the inner refuge in all of us. Revered spiritual teacher Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche masterfully guides you inward to feel, connect, and become the inner stillness, releasing anxiety, fears, and confusion. In the sacred space there is a presence, an awareness, a sense of knowing. Discover and feel the presence of joy, warmth, and love in that space, which is your inner wealth. Experience it radiating through your body, speech, and mind in the world, transforming places, situations, and people. Allow it to manifest in the world, bringing balance to the workplace, the family, to all people and places. Repeated use of the meditation will deepen your experience with each listening.

Length: 42 minutes.

A note from audio engineer Kevin Cowan on recording this incredible meditation:

It was such an honor to be able to participate with Rinpoche on this project.

Our friendship goes back to 2001, at which time we discussed working on a joint recording project, at that time musical in nature. It wouldn't be until Carol Moore suggested in late 2012 that perhaps he would be ideal to voice a meditation that she had in mind for a Hemi-Sync® release in the coming year that the opportunity to work together would be realized.

I had in mind that it would be best to record him at Serenity Ridge, his headquarters and retreat center, located in close proximity to our office and studio in central Virginia.

When asked what topic he should focus on, our simple response was that he had the world’s ear, and we encouraged him to bring forth the message he felt of importance to impart.

On the day of recording we had a one hour window amidst Ligmincha’s year-end retreat. I quickly set and checked levels. He, set in his chair, wrapped in his robes, put his feet up and asked me to switch the light off.

What is heard in the release of Sacred Space is as it was recorded.

When asked by a mutual friend a couple of days later what his message for the recording was about, he didn’t know! He had simply been the medium through which it had been delivered.