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Colorful Like My Soul Cosmos Mandalas Yoga Mat

Experience a connection with the Cosmos through exploding color. Feel the universe and unlock the secrets of ancient wisdom. Become stronger physically and mentally through connection to the power of creation!

Never lose grip with reality as this mat roots the soul into the essence of the cosmos. The Cosmos Mandala is fitted with specialized fibers for optimum grip.

Vibrant As The Universe - Cosmos Mandalas Yoga Mat

Added Value

  • Free shipping is offered on this premium yoga mat!
  • This yoga mat comes with a free, adjustable yoga mat bag for easy transportation!
  • We are committed to supporting yogis & artists from all over the world. For every yoga mat sold, frequencyRiser gives back a royalty to the artist who created the design.

Yoga Mat Product Information

  • Expertly crafted microfiber surface increases grip with sweat and moisture
  • Extra long mats! Size 74" x 24" x 5mm thick
  • Gently clean with a soft cloth, water, and mild soap. Air dry.
  • Made with environmentally friendly products
  • Absolutely no PVC
  • Cushion support with a 100% natural rubber base