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Awakening Spiritually on a Yoga Mat with the Lotus Moon

Bloom with the Lotus Moon and illuminate the cycles of your soul! Find connection between spirit and earth through dedicated yoga practice as the Lotus Moon Yoga Mat carries you to other-wordly places.

In Buddhism, the lotus flower is associated with purity and faithful spiritual awakening. The lotus is pure as it cleanly emerges from dark waters, similar to the moon rising in contrast with the night's sky.

Celebrate shifts of consciousness and feel safe on the surface of the Lotus Moon, knowing that the Lotus Moon Yoga Mat expertly support any movements made.

Pure Lotus Moon Yoga Mat

Added Value

  • Free shipping is offered on this premium yoga mat!
  • This yoga mat comes with a free, adjustable yoga mat bag for easy transportation!
  • We are committed to supporting yogis & artists from all over the world. For every yoga mat sold, frequencyRiser gives back a royalty to the artist who created the design.

Yoga Mat Product Information

  • Non-slip microfiber surface provides superior support and comfort
  • Grip on mat increases with sweat & moisture.
  • Simple to clean with a washcloth, water, and mild soap. Hang to dry.
  • Longer than standard mats! Size 74" x 24" x 5mm thick
  • Environmentally friendly mats made from a renewable, biodegradable natural tree rubber


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