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Highest performing, most stylish Yoga Towel in the world! Perfect for ALL STYLES of yoga. A different Artist creates each design to represent a Yogi’s Sankalpa (intention). 

• This extra large Yoga Towel measures 72" x 24" (same size as our Yoga Mat)
• Non-slip, ultra-absorbent, super soft Microfiber fabric specially engineered to maximize traction, cushion & support.
• Grip on fabric increases with sweat & moisture.
• Super stylish with a unique story and intention behind each design.
• Printed with high definition dye-sublimation inks so the design will remain vibrant and intact wash after wash
• Machine washable, easy to clean (do not use bleach)

Yogi: Blanca Aviles | Chicago, IL

Artist: Tracey Ariga | San Jose, CA

About This Design: A design that celebrates and follows the moon cycles, as does practice in Ashtanga yoga. Blanca taylors her practice to the full moon and new moon, as symbolized down the center of the mat and celebrated alongside the lotus flower. With a passion for inversions, the two figures in the southern two corners remind us of celebrating the subtle shifts in our bodies and connecting to the earth.

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