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Highest performing, most stylish Yoga Towel in the world! Perfect for ALL STYLES of yoga. A different Artist creates each design to represent a Yogi’s Sankalpa (intention). 

• This extra large Yoga Towel measures 72" x 24" (same size as our Yoga Mat)
• Non-slip, ultra-absorbent, super soft Microfiber fabric specially engineered to maximize traction, cushion & support.
• Grip on fabric increases with sweat & moisture.
• Super stylish with a unique story and intention behind each design.
• Printed with high definition dye-sublimation inks so the design will remain vibrant and intact wash after wash
• Machine washable, easy to clean (do not use bleach)

Yogi & Artist: Tanja Bungardt-Price | Tucson, AZ

About This Design: When I started my school for Ayurvedic Practitioner , I was questioning, if I should become a healer. During that time, a peacock would appear during my meditations. I would see the amazing colors and the graceful slow motion movements in my meditation. I was told , that he was my Spirit Animal guide. I started looking up the meaning of this beautiful animal and learned that peacocks symbolize, among other things : Healing and Self-confidence. Just what I needed to hear for my path of becoming a healer.

In Hinduism the Peacock is associated with Lakshmi who is a deity representing benevolence, patience, kindness, compassion and good luck.

Similar to Lakshmi, the Peacock is associated with Kwan-yin in Asian spirituality. Kwan-yin (or Quan Yin) is also an emblem of love, compassionate watchfulness, good-will, nurturing, and kind-heartedness.

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