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Written around 500 B.C., the 'Tao Teh Ching' is one of the most frequently translated and most cherished works in the world. 'The Complete Works of Lao Tzu' by Hua-Ching Ni is a remarkable elucidation of the famed 'Tao Teh Ching', the core of Taoist philosophy and a bridge to the subtle truth as well as a practical guideline for natural and harmonious living. Poetic and beautifully realized, this volumn contains one of the only written translations of the 'Hua Hu Ching.'

Product Details:

Author: Hua Ching Ni

Paperback: 253 pages
Publisher: Sevenstar Communications; Revised edition (1995)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0937064009
ISBN-13: 978-0937064009
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.8 x 8.5 inches