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Could dreams possibly be made of atoms? In this comprehensive essay, explorer Dr Rory Mac Sweeney examines consciousness from inside the world of lucid dreaming and contrasts it with that of the waking mind which reflects it. Why do dreams have gravity or moreover why is it sometimes they do not? The answer, Mac Sweeney concludes, must be in the metaphysics. In this book he outlines his own original theory of matter and mind and shows how they may ultimately be absolved of their paradoxical dance.

As the new millennium begins to bed in, a swell of information is pushing the ontological pendulum from the reductionist-materialist view to the magical paradigm of reality. This, Mac Sweeney proposes, is not mere coincidence but a natural shift in the melody of nature, one which is catalysing the entire cosmos into a more complex, creative and dynamic state. Never one to shy away from controversy, Dr Mac Sweeney promises to tear up the fabric of conventional thinking and shake the very foundations of the reader's view of reality.

Dr Rory Mac Sweeney is an avid explorer of altered states of consciousness. His primary area of interest is lucid dreaming which he has been practicing routinely for several years now. Since discovering he had the ability to enter into this elusive state he has used it as a laboratory in which to experiment and extrapolate the nature of reality. He is a lifelong martial artist and has uniquely used his knowledge of Chi Kung to act as a probe for investigating the fabric of the dream world. This has led to him forging his own metaphysical theory of mind, the double edge self theory, which he discusses in his debut book, The Paradox of Lucid Dreaming. In his professional life Dr Mac Sweeney is a dental surgeon and he works in private practice in central London. He also has a degree in genetics and maintains a constant interest in all aspects of science. Rory can frequently be heard offering his expert opinion at various specialist conferences and podcasts. He is constantly researching and refining his views of consciousness, with the hope that inner space will one day hold as much sway with the scientific community as outer space currently does. In this regard he considers lucid dreaming to be an essential ontological concern. Rory can be contacted on his home site at www.wakeupinyourdreams.com