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This foam yoga block is one of the most versatile yoga props and is perfect for any level yogi. Our 4” foam yoga blocks are made from lightweight, durable, scratch-resistant EVA foam. They are strong and firm enough to support your body weight, but have a soft texture that allows a little 'give' and makes them comfortable to grip. The larger size of this block, versus the 3” foam yoga block offers a little more stability when using the block on it’s tallest edge for any supportive purposes.

This yoga block also has beveled edges, which add comfort. No need to worry about sharp edges pressing into your body either, the soft foam creates the ultimate comfort and still provides much desired support. The high-density EVA foam offers a non-slip texture to keep you secure in any pose. Use in Iyengar, Hatha, Anusara, Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Restorative and Pre-Natal yoga practices.

Through our yoga practice we learn that no two days are the same. Some days we are blessed with more flexibility than others so it’s nice to know that these versatile yoga blocks offer three different heights to use depending on the pose…or the day. Use your block to help get into a pose, whether simple or challenging, hold the pose, or to help us deepen our stretch.

Recommendation: certain poses may require two yoga blocks. We'd recommend ordering a pair of matching size and material.

Product Features:
• Size: 4" x 6" x 9"
• Made of high-density EVA foam
• Benefits: Lightweight, sturdy, durable, scratch-resistant foam, beveled edges for added comfort, soft, non-slip texture makes it easy to grip

Colors Available: Black, Blue, Purple and Pink

Wash & Care Instructions:
Use a drop of dish washing soap with water and rub the surface of your blocks to remove any dirt or stains. Set the blocks out to allow them to dry.
If the blocks are really dirty, or you have several, you can place them in a washing machine with laundry soap to be cleaned. Set the blocks out to allow them to dry.
If there is a stubborn stain, you can use club soda to remove the stain.