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Enjoy this eco-friendly yoga block offering you added stability and brings the floor closer to you. The 4” yoga block can make a beginner’s practice more accessible and more stable, or an advanced yogi’s practice more challenging and deeper.

The benefits of this 4” yoga block are endless. Because this yoga block is made from natural Oak Cork, it is an environmentally-friendly alternative to the chemically-made foam blocks. By still offering you the support and durability that you need during your stretches, this eco-friendly yoga block is a great option when considering the environment.

Cork is a sustainable and renewable resource and is harvested from the bark of the Cork Oak and does not harm the tree, nor does it require any toxic chemicals during harvesting or manufacturing. Yoga blocks made from cork offer a natural, warm, and soft textured look and feel. The texture provides extra traction, and the fact that cork is a slightly porous material, it creates a non-slip surface for both your hands and the flooring, even for sweaty palms. Cork blocks are stable like solid wood, but are light-weight in comparison. These solid yoga blocks are heavier than the foam blocks providing a stable and sturdy prop for your asanas.

Yoga blocks, also called “yoga bricks”, are an essential and versatile yoga prop. Use in standing poses to bring the floor closer to you, use under your hands in Scale pose to get lift, use underneath sit bones to lift the hips in seated poses, or under your spine in reclining poses. Yoga blocks can be used in many styles of yoga from Restorative to Vinyasa. The three different heights allow you to adjust the block to your needs for each pose.

Recommendation: certain poses may require two yoga blocks. We'd recommend ordering a pair of matching size and material.

Product Features:
Block Measures: 4" x 6" x 9"
Block Weight: 2lbs 3.7oz
Made of eco-friendly, sustainable cork
Benefits: Soft, non-slip texture, beveled edges for added comfort, firmer than foam yoga blocks, dense and sturdy

Remove stains with a wet cloth.
For stubborn stains, use a gentle, organic cleanser.