Torch Yoga Necklace - Tree Pose Pendant

Raise the frequency of your yoga accessories with our beautiful Tree Pose Yoga Pendant and Necklace.

Made in the USA, each necklace is available in your choice of: 

Pendant Size: (Petite: 1.5 cm diameter and Classic: 1.8 cm diameter)

Color: (Silver, Gold and Rose Gold)

Chain Length: (16", 18" and 24")

Whether you are challenging yourself on the yoga mat or being challenged by everyday life, let this torch serve as your personal reminder: you are strong, you are graceful, and you are resilientEach necklace beautifully packaged with yoga pose quote card:

Tree Pose - The Balanced Torch
I may be swayed by the seasons of life,
but I remain grounded
in the love that I share with others.
I am part of one connected being,
deeply rooted and unified
on a far greater level than I can ever understand. 

Pendant Metals:

Sterling Silver18K

Gold/Rose Gold Plated over Brass

Chain Metals:

Sterling Silver

14K Gold filled

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