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Raise the frequency of your yoga accessories with our beautiful Warrior II Yoga Pendant and Necklace.

Made in the USA, each necklace is available in: 

Pendant Size: (Classic: 1.8 cm diameter)

Color: (Gold) - Sold out of all other colors

Chain Length: (24") - Sold out of all other sizes

Whether you are challenging yourself on the yoga mat or being challenged by everyday life, let this torch serve as your personal reminder: you are strong, you are graceful, and you are resilientEach necklace beautifully packaged with yoga pose quote card:

Warrior II - The Expansive Torch
Reaching forward into the future,
while honoring the memories
and loved ones of my past,
I look ahead to my seasons of growth.
Choosing not to fear the dreams of my future,
I find confidence and strength
in the uncertainty of the winding road ahead. 

Pendant Metals:


Chain Metals:

14K Gold filled

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Chain Length
Pendant Size
Sterling Silver
Rose Gold