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Designed by Yogis with decades of experience, The Yoga Poster began as a personal project to consolidate much of the reading, learning, thinking and questioning over the last decade from both teachers and students of yoga. With so many aspects to the practice, it is challenging to remember, let alone explain, how everything fits together without having to dig through books and notepads. The Yoga Poster is a diagram that can be hung on the wall that captures, concisely, all the major aspects of yoga in a way that is pleasing to look at and:

• expresses the main philosophical concepts behind yoga,
• differentiates and covers the major paths, traditions and styles,
• explains the relevance of major historical periods and texts,
• describes the particular actions you do and the relevant terminology you hear and
• places everything within a cohesive, easy to follow metaphor centered on a stylized banyan tree (a tropical fig tree sacred in yoga literature).

This 24 x 36 inch poster — printed with vegetable inks on 100% post-consumer waste, archival-quality paper at a wind-powered location in Portland, Oregon USA — is the first work of its kind to place the major concepts, types and history of yoga together in a single, visual overview of the practice.

The Yoga Poster features many aspects of yoga, including (but not limited to):
* Asana & the Gross Body
* Surya Namaskar (“Sun Salutation”)
* Meditation & the Subtle Body
* The Meaning of Om
* The philosophies of Dualism and Non-Dualism
* A timeline which depicts the major yogic texts and periods
* The eight limbs of yoga
* A sampling of modern yoga “styles”


Yoga works on the mind, body and spirit to create a greater sense of self within the practitioner. The poster illustrates these connections, exploring the various tools (physical postures & meditation) and the philosophical concepts behind them.

There are thousands of ways to practice yoga but they all share the same source. We trace yoga's evolution over time – from its roots 4,000 years in the past to the present day – capturing the story of its major branches with the metaphor of the sacred banyan tree.

No study of yoga would be complete without including the major historical periods and literary works that have described and shaped its evolution. Explore the contexts that have made yoga what it is today – from the Vedas through to the modern day.

It’s perfect for:

• Yogis looking to bring more meaning into their practice
• Teachers who want a better grounding in the wide spectrum of yoga
• Teacher-training programs
• Anyone who wants to know how yoga “works”
• Modern decor for a yoga studio, holistic health center or your home!
• You!


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