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Yogawrap for Thoracic Support

Natural thoracic back support for car seats and chairs.

Yogawrap thoracic support for carFor thoracic support, Yogawrap Spinal Support provides an anchor for the thoracic spine and an opening for the sternum. Then, the waist below the rib cage isn’t required to take the weight of the upper torso.This is natural pain relief as a result of proper posture.

There’s no bone from the bottom of the rib cage to the top of the pelvic crest. Therefore, when we start to shrink, that’s where the collapse impacts; compromising digestion, back pain, sciatica from the pressure of the upper torso.

The thoracic spine has the benefit of the rib cage for its stability, however when it isn’t held upright, the entire posture is tilted forward, closing the chest, rounding the shoulders, thus putting strain on the neck.

The YogaWrap is the perfect remedy for natural healing and thoracic support!

Simply strap Yogawrap Spinal Support to your car seat or office chair and align your spine to its proper posture for thoracic support.

yogawrap thoracic support for car

It’s a traveling aid for posture, alternative back care, natural gas and constipation assistance, nonchemical neck pain relief and sciatica numbness.

Yogawrap Spinal Support has helped users with the following symptoms, instead of using prescription drugs:

  • for constipation, the rib cage is lifted off the colon
  • for back pain, core muscles are strengthened and lengthened to support the spine
  • for sciatica pain, the pressure is lifted off the sacrum
  • for asthma, the sternum is expanded, giving the lungs more space
  • for depression, open your heart chakra
  • for neck pain, position the chest under the neck, instead of behind it


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