What is "Conscious Lifestyle" and why does it keep following me?

Webster's defines "conscious" as: (1) awake and able to understand what is happening around you (2) done or acting with critical awareness. "Conscious Lifestyle" is being aware of every facet of your lifestyle and making choices that result in benefits for society and the world around you. By gaining knowledge of ways to grow or evolve through education (mind), health (body) and spirit (soul), we provide ourselves with the opportunity to grow and provide conditions to evolve or better the environment and others around us. Through mindfulness, health, and expansion of consciousness, we broaden our awareness to help others, improve ourselves and make positive contributions to our community.
Conscious Lifestyle creates a better world through expanded awareness of our role in creation. By practicing a conscious lifestyle, we seek to improve all areas of existence including our environment, food, knowledge, physical, spiritual and mental health, communication, parenting, mindfulness, understanding, and experiential awareness of our consciousness. By improving our consciousness, we in turn improve the greater consciousness of the world around us.
Conscious Lifestyle is following and nudging us because we are evolving. As we evolve, we seek to lower the entropy of consciousness and make all aspects of life more efficient. The cells in our bodies do this all the time and we too can learn from the perfection of nature.  
Welcome to FrequencyRiser, where Conscious Lifestyle opens the door for truly fulfilled living, learning and true wisdom that can only be gained by direct experience. We offer a full range of Conscious Lifestyle Gear from Books, Apparel, Decor, and Essential Oils to Meditation and Yoga Supplies. Whether your interested in health, yoga, meditation, inspiration or exploring consciousness, you can learn to move from Fear to Love with FrequencyRiser. 

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Frequency Riser


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