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Millions of people around the world struggle with maintaining a healthy body weight and engage in countless diets and exercise routines only to fall short again and again. Without addressing the root cause of unhealthy habits, many experience the back and forth effect of weight gain and weight loss without being able to maintain an ideal weight.

Clinical nutritionist, holistic practitioner, and author Carly Pollack, dives deep to the source of lasting health in her new book Feed Your Soul: Nutritional Wisdom to Lose Weight Permanently and Live Fulfilled.

By illustrating how our mind works and what our body truly needs to be healthy, Carly provides valuable information and tools that provide a shift in perspective resulting in lasting health. When we delve into the core of our beliefs, our inner state, we are able to create a new foundation of understanding that allows each of us to succeed in both inner and outer health.

"Our plate is a reflection of our inner state. Our food behaviors stem from our mind's stories and beliefs. If you don't change your views, you can't change your behavior long term. For me, I'm not impressed by short-term weight loss. I've done it a million times. I'm looking for permanent change, and that can only happen from the inside out," notes Carly.

In a casual and humorous way, Carly conveys her own struggles which will be very relatable to anyone who has strived for a consistent ideal weight. By sharing stories from her own experience, many will find familiarity and hope that they too can achieve a healthy way of understanding how to love their body and themselves which in turn will create lasting health and ideal weight.

Carly reminds us that, "This book is about so much more than just what you put into your mouth. In fact, very little of your path to success has anything to do with food. I know it's hard to believe, but it's true. The real work will be done inside you, not on your plate. It will be done by looking at your path to health and happiness as something with deeper meaning. It will become a spiritual path, a path to better understand yourself and your place in the Universe."

We love that mindfulness, meditation, and silence are all emphasized as important elements for weight loss, health and vitality. Carly states that, "The five non-negotiables of health are sleep, cooking, exercise, meditation and silence." We couldn't agree more!

Feed Your Soul  is a must read for anyone who would like to address mind, body and soul for true lasting health. This is a practical handbook for addressing each of these areas and creating a lasting foundation that will serve us throughout our lives.

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