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Life is a grand adventure that takes courage. Without courage, we would not have the ability to face our fears, venture out and explore new possibilities, reach our full potential, or embrace our unique gifts as individuals. Webster's defines courage as: "mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty." In Franziska Iseli's latest book, The Courage Map: 13 Principles to Living Boldly, the reader is taken on an exciting journey to discover and reach their highest potential.

Inspired by the author's own courage to ride the ancient Silk Road trade route on a motorcycle from Switzerland to Asia, The Courage Map outlines the concepts of courage through her experiences on the journey and offers valuable wisdom and insights for the reader to use to create their own courage map to live boldly in their own life. With an inspiring foreword by Sir Richard Branson, this book is not only a great read but offers tools for the reader to learn about themselves and open up to a life of adventure, compassion and fulfillment. Many of us have an idea of how we would like our life to be but often we don't have the courage to realize these dreams due to fear; fear of failure, money, how people might perceive us, whether our parents might approve, or just fear of stepping outside our comfort zone. This book will allow you to expand your boundaries and realize what can be possible in your life. The author not only outlines a path for you to create your own courage map but also provides a free Courage Map Journal for you to design your own unique Courage Map "for living boldly, going after your wildest dreams, and leaving your mark on the world."

While sharing her own exciting story, the author invites the reader to examine stories they believe to be true about their life. What stories do we believe that hold us back? By delving into our own stories we are able to participate in what the author calls the transformational cycle process. By observing our thoughts, rewriting our story and taking consistent action, we are able to transform our lives. This book is a map designed to help you transform and arrive at your desired destination in life. Thirteen important principles are outlined in the book for you to create your very own courage map. Each principle ends with three activities designed to help the reader discover their own road blocks and ways to navigate these blocks and arrive safely at their desired destination.

We all face challenges in life. How we react to these challenges is a key factor to growth. By sharing challenges faced while riding her motorcycle along the Silk Road over mountain passes, through the rain, in cold temperatures and interacting with people from different cultures, the author illustrates the elements needed for us to also navigate the challenges in our lives.

The author crossing a river in Tajikistan

Author Franziska Iseli crossing a river in Tajikistan on her motorcycle

The author devotes a chapter to each of the "thirteen principles to living boldly" that provide the reader with insights and valuable information to take action on each principle and intergrate it into their life. To provide a brief example, principle five is focused on intuition and the reader is offered seven steps to learn how to tap into intuition. By integrating the seven steps, the reader will learn how to trust intuition through self-awareness, connecting with the heart, mindfulness, empathy, and going beyond the conscious mind to bypass indecisiveness to embrace new opportunities and live boldly. 

The Courage Map includes the The Courage Map Journal provided by the author for the reader to dive into each principal and integrate into their life. This journal is a brilliant bonus included with the book that encourages the reader to create their own courage map and begin practicing the principles in the framework of daily life. The reader is invited to examine their own beliefs related to each principle. Upon examination, the reader will discover any beliefs or stories that are no longer serving their best interests and rewrite those beliefs into empowering stories that will support the destination chosen by the reader. The journal invites each reader to look deeply into their own beliefs, stories, values, and attachments to create their own courage map to evolve and arrive at their destination with flow, playfulness and commitment to living courageously.

Written in a fun and honest manner, The Courage Map is a entertaining read on how to face difficulties head on and highly recommended for all who are yearning to expand their awareness, courage boundaries, embrace their highest values and live boldly in every aspect of their lives.

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