The Jewel of Abundance: Finding Prosperity through the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga - Book Review

The Jewel of Abundance: Finding Prosperity Through the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga book available from frequencyRiser

The wisdom of yoga philosophy shines bright in this brilliant book titled The Jewel of Abundance: Finding Prosperity through the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga by Ellen Grace O'Brian. Highlighting lesser known knowledge from Vedic sources such as the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and Vedas as well as Buddhism, the author provides practical wisdom to create abundance in every aspect of our lives. 

In one sense, this book contains the seeds of a great meditation manual. In another sense, it is an all encompassing manual for living a full life of balance and abundance. The author brings our attention to "ancient Vedic how-to-live teachings for seekers of all ages. One of the most important instructions we find there is what is called purushartha - the four universal goals of human life". These goals are: dharma (realizing our higher purpose and fulfilling our destiny in this lifetime), artha (to prosper in every way by developing the consciousness and skills needed to fulfill our dharma or higher purpose), kama (discernment of pleasure and enjoyment for our highest good), and moksha (liberation of consciousness from the errors of perception that cause identification with our small personal self instead of our higher self). While the primary focus of this book is artha, the author demonstrates how each of these elements of purushartha are linked and the importance of "befriending wealth" not only for the benefit of ourselves but for all of creation.

One of the great aspects of this book is the authors' ability to provide practical instruction for meditation, discipline, overcoming obstacles, ethical living, and not just obtaining wealth but actually becoming wealth itself. By providing the reader with new ways to look at challenging areas of our lives as opportunities, we are given tools and perspectives to thrive. Throughout the book are commentaries and quotes from luminaries like Rumi, Buddha, Yogananda, Joseph Campbell and this quote from Pandit Rajmani Tigunait illuminating the concept of "becoming wealth itself"; "For a self-aware yogi, nature's bounty is a shining gem. When we are established in the principle of non stealing, these gems are drawn to us and we ourselves are gems".

For many, there is a misconception that spiritual life is not compatible with a life of prosperity. The author makes it clear that not only is a life of prosperity compatible with spirituality but that prosperity and abundance are "like a bubbling spring that continually overflows. Our life through awakened consciousness becomes generative, a source of refreshing abundance for others. Having become utterly transparent to the Source, we ourselves become a shining jewel of abundance".

Learn more about achieving success and prosperity through the principals of yoga in this interview with the author and publisher New World Library:


Ellen Grace O’Brian is the author of The Jewel of Abundance.  She’s a yogacharya (an esteemed yoga teacher), a radio host, and an award-winning poet who weaves poetry into her teachings on spiritual matters, pointing to the mystical experience beyond words and thought. Ordained by a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, she has been teaching Kriya Yoga philosophy and practice nationally and internationally for over three decades.

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