Big Love: The Power of Living with a Wide-Open Heart - Book Review

In Scott Stabile's latest book, Big Love, all the dots are connected to show us that even through pain, heartache and everyday challenges we can all embrace the power of living with a wide-open heart. By reminding readers that they are not alone in their struggles, Scott offers wisdom from his own journey that allows us to see that choosing love is the most powerful choice we can make for ourselves and humanity.

At a young age, Scott was forced to confront heartache and pain head-on after the murder of his parents at age fourteen and the death of his brother from a heroin overdose nine years later. To cope with the impact of death in his life, Scott buried the reality of his parents death deep inside to be able to deal with the pain. Seeking answers and meaning to life, these tragedies led Scott to join what he describes as a cult for thirteen years. Eventually realizing that the group he had been a part of for over a decade could not offer the growth he needed to fully embrace himself and offer his Big Love to the world, Scott left to connect with his greater purpose in life. By moving through the difficulties in his life, he was able to find the love within himself and emerge stronger and wiser. Scott says, "I hope that my resilience helps others to see that growth and healing are possible, regardless of circumstances. There are gifts in even our greatest sorrows if we're willing to acknowledge them. If we're willing to work at seeing them."

Big Love is full of honest accounts of Scott's life in which the reader will identify, gain perspective and understanding of their own lives allowing them to embrace The Power of Living with a Wide-Open Heart. 

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