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Hemi-Sync® Breaking Free from Addictions CD

In 42 minutes, disconnect from useless habits, achieve a broader range of options in your life, and let in a greater experience of joy with the Hemi-Sync® Breaking Free from Addictions CD.

In this exercise Carolyn Ball, MA, LPC guides you with gentleness and compassion to unlock or address unwanted habits.

As you go through the steps of healing your addictions, you will discover techniques to address the physical cravings, and how to achieve the emotions you want without the addictive patterns.

Repeat Track 2 (Affirmations) as a way to help reinforce and strengthen this process.

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A counselor since 1987, Carolyn founded several non-profit corporations dedicated to modeling and teaching a systems approach to wellness in business and in personal life. Any true systems approach will include modalities that involve the body, mind, emotions and spirit in the healing process.

Through her educational programs, she champions the principle that when the needs of all of these components are acknowledged and addressed, a win-win result can always be implemented. This is true whether that entity is an organization or an individual.

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    NOTE: This CD is for support in releasing addictions, and is not intended as a replacement for appropriate medical detoxification and treatment. If you are struggling with addictions, please see a medical or addictions specialist.