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Finding Peace with the Mind Food® Emerging from Depression and Anxiety CD

Discover your ability to find hope, restore peace of mind, and create your life in a conscious and intentional manner with Mind Food® Emerging from Depression and Anxiety.

In two exercises, Dissolving Depression and Ending Anxiety, Carolyn Ball, MA, LPC, helps you understand some of the underlying causes of these emotions, and gently guides you through empowering thoughts for transforming them into powerful and effective new perspectives.

Hemi-Sync® frequencies support this process by helping you to relax and open your mind to greater possibilities.

Length: 72 minutes.

Music Design's eReview of Mind Food® Emerging from Depression and Anxiety

"Join Hemi-Sync and counselor Carolyn M. Ball, MA, LPC for a transforming meditation session that will help you change your thoughts from negative to positive.

Ball helps the listener alter anxious behavior through proper breathing, progressive relaxation and affirmations designed to encourage tranquility and positive behaviors.

The program is divided into two sessions. The first is geared toward depression, while the second focuses on breaking free from the grip of anxiety.

Includes Hemi-Sync's brainwave synchronization technology.”

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