Being the Change with Physicist Tom Campbell

Physicist Tom Campbell postulates that we live in a virtual reality and the goal of living in this virtual reality is to get rid of fear, ego and beliefs and evolve into the true nature of consciousness which is Love. Being the change we wish to see in the world starts with each one of us and Tom outlines ways that we can affect change in our world by stepping into our role as a co-creator of reality. 

In this video, Tom asks:

What is the most significant thing you can do to change the world?

How does your intent and consciousness work together?

This short video from Tom Campbell, consciousness researcher, and author of My Big TOE, gives insights into these questions and more. Sharing this video will help raise awareness for Tom's physics experiments. These experiments, if the results are as predicted, will offer further evidence that we are living in a virtual reality.

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Book 1: Awakening
Book 2: Discovery
Book 3: Inner Workings

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